I’m going to let you in on a huge secret you need to know about self-publishing:

You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Despite “self” being right in the name of the process, there are plenty of places for indie-authors to go for help and guidance through the process that is publishing. It’s a huge process!

know about self-publishing


There are entire companies with hundreds of employees dedicated to doing what self-published authors do “on their own.” They have editorial departments and design teams made up of talented people, working toward the goal of putting out the best version of every book that comes across their desks.

It’s true that it’s called self-publishing because you can do most of it on your own and still end up with a book available for purchase online. But the truth is, you really shouldn’t be DIYing things if you want to be taken seriously, let alone compete in the same market as those companies we just talked about. You’re putting yourself and your book at a disadvantage by trying to do it yourself.

Thinking like an authorpreneur means putting together a quality team of your own, investing in professional help to get the kind of results that sell more books. An authorpreneur is concerned with putting out the highest quality product they can to ensure their best chance at recouping that investment, followed by actually making a profit.

This means making sure your book gets the editing it needs to draw readers in and keep their attention. Then hiring a professional designer to come up with a cohesive exterior (cover) and interior (layout) design that conveys the essence of this book, while staying true to your overall brand. After all that, you’ll need a proofreader to give everything a final once over.

Managing all these people can take as much time as your full-time job, but you’ll need to be monitoring their progress to make sure everything stays on track. There’s plenty of potential for something to slip off your radar, along with any number of rookie mistakes lurking along the path to authorhood.

I’ve put together the Live the Dream package to take all that work and stress off your plate. You still get the book of your dreams, without the late-night moments of panic or constant worry you’re making the wrong choice and dooming your book baby to obscurity. With someone else staying on top of all the deadlines, the process will also go by a lot faster. No more procrastinating!

You get a professional cover you’ll be proud to be judged by. You get editorial feedback so your story connects with readers the way you intended it to. And you get to sleep soundly, knowing it’s all getting taken care of with professional accuracy.

I only have SIX spots available for the next six months. Click here if you’re ready to make your dream of being an author come true.


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