You finished the first draft of your story—like, just finished. Literally typing the words "the end" right now—and know it needs work before it's ready for the next step. The thing is, you have no idea what people mean when they talk about revising. 

You open the file and scroll around, tweaking a word or two before hitting save and closing it again. It's getting to the point where you're actively resisting the urge to shelve the thing and move on to your next idea. 

But you haven't yet because you know this story could be great if someone would just point you in the right direction. 

The First Draft Strategy Session is a one-hour chat that gives you the roadmap to your best story.

When we're done . . .

You set and stick to your revision goals, making more progress in less time.

You can hardly recognize your story and can't believe it came out of your brain.

You blush reading feedback from your beta readers, who can't stop gushing about your progress.

You finally start researching publishing options!

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Save yourself some time and frustration.

You could spend months reading every book and blog post about proper story structure and how to develop your characters. You could put as much time and effort into learning how to edit your story as you did writing it, or . . . 

You can let a trained professional help you!

I know what to look for—the good, the bad, and the ugly. (You know I'll spot a cliche a mile away!) Plus, I'm a fresh set of eyes. You've been looking at this thing for so long you're no longer reading so much as reciting it. Take a load off and let me take it from here!

First Draft Strategy Session Includes

A getting to know you call

  • You tell me all about yourself and your story, including your intended publishing goals, your ideal reader, and what (if anything) in particular you think you need help with.

Initial read through for comprehension and overall experience.

  • I'll make a few notes, but mostly I'll be approaching it just like a new reader would.

Close read through for critique.

  • This is where I'll really dig-in to root out the strengths and weaknesses and make all my in-line comments.

Developmental memo, broken down by plot, characters, reader experience, etc.

  • This will be far more than a simple copy/paste of my comments, this is where I do my deep thinking about the story and my reactions and come up with constructive criticism and ideas for further development.

One-hour video-chat to go over any questions, comments, or concerns about feedback.


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Hey, I'm Megan! 

I dig deep into your draft to find what is and isn't working, helping you and your story reach your potential. I've been studying stories my whole life. Together, we'll come up with a game plan for getting you closer to your dream of being a published author.

This package is for . . .

  • Freshly completed drafts. 
  • Writers who see writing as more than just a hobby. 
  • Folks who know they have the discipline to get the revisions done, they just need to know where to start.

This package is not for . . . 

  • Well-edited manuscripts that are nearly ready for publishing. 
  • Writers who know they'll need guidance and accountability through the revision process. 
  • Folks who want to self-publish just to say they did. 


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