You've spent every second of your time off working on your story. You said no to weekend plans and family outings because that was your writing time. And it paid off! You've written a whole book. 

You've done a couple rounds of self-editing, but you know there's still room for improvement. 

You just need a confidence boost to feel ready to move on to the next step: publishing!

The Final Touches Edit is a 2-week, 1-on-1 engagement that

takes you from finished draft to publishable manuscript.

When we're done . . .

Your characters are more alive on the page than they ever were in your head.

Your message comes across loud and clear, ready to capture readers' hearts and minds. 

You start making publishing plans, fantasizing about what the cover of your book is going to look like. 

The outline for your next book starts calling to you from your desktop. 


You're not made of gold. 

I get it, believe me. You're working a job you like—but maybe don't love—to pay the bills while you'd rather be chasing your dream. Cost is an issue. 

But let's get something straight here right off the bat:

Cost is not the same thing as value.

If you add it all up, your book has already cost you.

  • the time you could have spent at work, making money
  • the depreciation of your computer
  • the price of all the notebooks and pens

All of these things have corresponding monetary values, the money you've already invested in your story.  

But you did it anyway! 

Because you wanted to, because you needed to, because it added value to your life. 

To reach the next step toward your writing goals, you need to make sure you're putting your best book forward. Together, we can make that happen.

Final Touches Edit Includes

A getting to know you call

  • You tell me all about yourself and your story, including your intended publishing goals, your ideal reader, and what in particular you think you need help with.

A full developmental edit 

  • Initial read through for comprehension and overall experience. I'll make a few notes, but mostly I'll be approaching it just like a new reader would.
  • Close read through for critique. This is where I'll really dig in, to root out the strengths and weaknesses and make all my in-line comments.
  • Light line editing for word choice and basic grammar/mechanics. 
  • Developmental memo—a separate Word document, broken down by plot, characters, reader experience, etc. This will be far more than a simple copy/paste of my comments, this is where I do my deep thinking about the story and my reactions and come up with constructive criticism and ideas for further development.
  • One-hour video-chat to go over any questions, comments, or concerns about feedback.

Final clean up and memo 

  • A final read-through of your full manuscript, after you’ve incorporated all feedback, with additional final in-line comments.
  • A final memo addressing changes made and declaring your manuscript ready for publishing!

Contact to find out about availability.

Total investment: $1196

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Hi, I'm Megan!

I dig deep into your draft to find what is and isn't working, helping you and your story reach your potential. Accountability and direction are just two of the tools we'll use to get you closer to your dream of being a published author. I've been studying stories my whole life. This is what I was built to do.

Good for your story, good for the world!

Because my mission is to help underrepresented voices tell their stories, 10 percent of every package sold is donated to a literary-related charity that serves those communities.

Charities like: 

This package is for . . .

  • Completed manuscripts. 
  • Folks who need guidance and accountability to get through the revision process.
  • Writers who see book publishing (self- or traditional) as a part of their future income stream. 
  • Writers who want to build a loyal readership by putting out high-quality work.

This package is not for . . . 

  • Incomplete manuscripts or partial ideas. 
  • Folks who want to self-publish just to say they did.