So, I promised a post at the end of last week, but you know life just has other plans. In any event, I started a Facebook page this evening ( in case you’re interested) and the response from my immediate circle was so instant, it inspired me! So here I am trying not to let all of you down.

The book I read last was Ready Player One by Earnest Cline. It’s about a boy in the future where there exists this virtual reality that all of humanity uses. Like a Facebook you can live in, it’s called the OASIS and it’s where people go to escape all the awful things that are happening in the real world. Apparently, everything has gone to hell, think every political ad’s worst prediction come true, the economy is in the toilet and the environment is shot. But in the OASIS every one gets to be whatever they want to be, and all the nerd basics are covered there’s a Star Wars quadrant, a Star Trek quadrant, and even a Whedonverse (not even going to lie, this was my favorite part of the book and instantly made me want this to be real). At the start of the book, the man who invented this awesome technology, James Halliday, dies (no spoilers, this literally happens on the first page) and in his will he set up a contest, the winner of which will inherit all of his fortune and control of his company that own the OASIS.

The contest is set up like your basic video game quest, the first player to find three keys and open three gates will find the easter egg and win the competition. The catch is, there are no clues other than the fact that Halliday was obsessed with the 80s. The main character, Wade (his avatar’s name is Parzival), is pretty much your typical hero of this kind of book. He’s a teenager, poor, both parents are dead from the rough lifestyle they enjoyed so he grew up with his aunt who only used him for the extra welfare money. And of course he’s smart, not necessarily doing well in school smart, but he taught himself to fix computers and studies the crap out of everything to do with the 1980s: movies, music, books, and of course video games.

This book is every video game nerd’s dream. The references are all very well placed and obviously thoroughly researched, the description of the world and the tech and how it all works is not lacking at all. The only complaint I have is I could tell the entire time the author is a screen writer. And by that I mean the dialogue and character development were not what I needed it to be in order to really get sucked in. There was a love story that felt rushed and not entirely thought through, a major theme I detected with many of the character decisions. Basically, I got the last four chapters and almost didn’t finish it because I could predict how it would end and I wasn’t involved enough with the characters to care.

Other than that not so minor (in my opinion) flaw, it was well written and entertaining. Like I said, any book where someone can go and fly around in Serenity while hunting vampires with Buffy has my heart on some level. Just to be clear, that doesn’t actually happen in the book, the Whedonverse is just mentioned but even the possibility of it gets my inner Whedon-worshiper all kinds of excited!

But anyway, not that that was a ringing endorsement, but if anyone’s interested I have a copy of the book I will gladly pass along. I highly encourage you to not take my word for it, I have a particular need to connect with the characters of any story I’m reading or watching for any of the rest of it to truly matter to me. If this isn’t the case for you and you’re looking for a book full of mentions to make you have multiple nerdgasms, Ready Player One just may be the book for you!

On that note, I call it a night! Remember to check out the new page and like/share/comment and all that good stuff! Also, there are social buttons at the bottom of every post, so if you read something your find particularly insightful feel free to post, tweet, and pin to your heart’s content!


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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Ready Player One

  1. I picked this up in a bookstore last week and thought it looked interesting. I put it on my list of books to pick up at a local library. Good to know someone who has read it.

    Sounds like something that would be better as a film, maybe?

    Posted on October 2, 2012 at 5:16 pm
    1. I think it would make a pretty amazing film, and I’m pretty sure the talks are already in the works. If you’re still interested in reading it though, I can lend you my copy!

      Posted on October 2, 2012 at 5:27 pm