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Number one thing to know about me: I have always been a reader. From my earliest memories, my life has been surrounded by books and stories. (Ask me about the time my dad told me to, “Put down the book and go watch TV with your brother!”) I love reading for the same reasons as most: to relax and center myself, to escape, to inhabit points of view and worlds I would not come into contact with otherwise.

But I also love reading because I am a writer.

I process the world and my experience by telling stories, real and imaginary. As a writer, reading is how I study. I approach a book like a painter approaches art in a gallery. I tilt my head to take in all the angles. I get up close and stand back. I examine the overall structure as well as the brush strokes. I do all of this to learn to improve myself when I practice my craft.


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After graduating from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Political Science, I went on to work in marketing/communications where I wrote and edited web content as well as press-related documents for political campaigns and nonprofits alike. I spent a few years feeling like I just couldn’t find my passion anywhere in my work. So I shifted my attention back to my first love: storytelling.

Switching tracks from marketing to publishing, I gained a year’s worth of in-house editorial experience as an editorial assistant in addition to completing UC Berkeley’s Professional Sequence in Editing.

I edit and coach to pass along the knowledge I've gleaned from a lifetime of studying stories and their creators. To help my fellow storytellers process their experiences and worlds.


Working With Me

It’s just as important to me to know you as it is for me to know the story you’ve written. I need the full picture: your history, point of view, goals, and intentions for your work.

As a fellow writer, I understand what it’s like to share your work with someone for the purpose of having it critiqued. It’s terrifying. I take this into account as I give my feedback, which comes purely from a place of compassion and wanting to see you succeed in your goals. Working with me is less like turning in an assignment to a teacher and more like bouncing ideas off a writing partner.