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I picked out four tools and tell you how they make revising easier.

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I dig deep into your draft to find what is and isn't working, helping you and your story reach your potential.

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“Megan's editorial guidance is a must for anyone serious about writing. She examines the overall story before returning to the manuscript to ask probing questions that truly help the author achieve her vision. The developmental letter is thorough and the in-text comments are smart and insightful. She has almost a supernatural ability to see what's missing and challenges you to write the best story of your life.”

— Andee Reilly, author of Satisfaction

You are a writer who takes the idea of publishing very seriously. When you look into the future, you see book publishing as part of how you make your living. You want to put out high-quality work that earns you a devoted following of readers. 

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“I knew the moment I found her website that I needed and wanted to work with her. I think we got each other from our first emails. The coaching was invaluable. If you are looking for someone to help you bring more life to your story, then you have found the person for you. I used ALL of her services and couldn’t have more pleased with everything. The support was quick, helpful, and so personal. I can’t wait for our next project!”

— Dawn D’Antoinette, author of Happiness

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Revision can be a hard thing to figure out. That's why I've created this list of the four best tools I've found to help you through the revision process.

I went ahead and took it a step further than that and explained where and how they should fit into your plan.

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